For over 14 years not only has the team at 800 Bad Credit helped thousands of customers find the right car loan, but we have also helped our customers find the right car. Our dedicated team has worked with all kinds of credit scenarios and has the experience to find a program that works for you.

Our Process


At 800BadCredit.com, we understand that bad credit can make it difficult to secure financing for used trucks or SUVs. That’s why we specialize in providing subprime loans for poor credit, with no downpayment required.


Our dedicated team has extensive experience working with individuals with all kinds of credit scenarios, and we have the expertise to find a financing program that works for you. We offer a range of options for acquiring used trucks and SUVs, providing a streamlined process that makes it easy to get behind the wheel of the car you need.


Our financing process for acquiring a used SUV or truck is designed to be hassle-free and accessible to those with bad credit. We start by connecting you with our trusted network of lenders, securing affordable rates and terms that work for your budget. Whether you’re looking for used trucks or used SUVs, we have the solutions you need to obtain the financing you need.


With our emphasis on no downpayment car loans, we make it possible for you to get into the car you need with no upfront costs. Trust 800BadCredit.com to provide you with the subprime loans you need to acquire the vehicle you need today.


Our Application Process


We make it easy to apply for auto financing for used trucks and used SUVs, even if you have bad credit. Our online auto loan application is quick and convenient, taking only about a minute to complete. Best of all, it’s free, and you are not obligated to proceed once you submit your application.


Once you submit your application, our experienced loan specialist, specializing in subprime loans for poor credit, will review the information you provide. They will work directly with you to find the perfect vehicle that fits your budget. At 800 Bad Credit, we prioritize finding the right vehicle for you before we match you with a lender. Plus, our emphasis on no downpayment car loans means you can get the vehicle you need without having to pay anything upfront. Apply with us today and let us help you secure the auto financing you need, regardless of your credit history.


crawl. walk. run. drive.

800BadCredit is the first step to your next chapter.

What is crawl, walk, run, drive?


Our “Crawl, Walk, Run, Drive” program is designed to help you improve your credit score and get the car you need based on your current FICO score.


We start by offering subprime loans for poor credit, providing an accessible way for you to secure financing with no downpayment required. From there, we work with you to help you improve your credit and take the necessary steps towards financial stability. As you make payments on your loan, you progress through our program from crawling to walking, running, and finally, driving.


Our ultimate goal is to help you qualify for even better financing options in the future, putting you on the path towards financial freedom. With our emphasis on no downpayment car loans, we simplify the process and make it easy for you to get behind the wheel of the car you need.


Are the vehicles junk Trucks or SUVs, like at buy here pay here lots?


No. Our vehicles are fully safety inspected prior to being available to sell. Rest assured, we are not a buy here pay here lot. We provide financing for used trucks and SUVs for individuals with bad credit through our subprime loans for poor credit. The vehicles we offer are not junk trucks or SUVs. Our dedicated team has worked with all kinds of credit scenarios, ensuring that we find reliable and high-quality vehicles that meet our customers’ needs and budgets.


Discover Reliable Used SUVs and Trucks at Our Dealership Center

Each of our used vehicles has undergone thorough inspections and testing to ensure they deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Why choose 800 Bad Credit?


When it comes to getting bad credit financing for used cars, 800BadCredit.com is the top choice. We understand the challenges that come with bad credit and specialize in finding solutions for all credit scenarios.


Our experienced team has the expertise to assist you in securing car loans, specifically for used trucks and used SUVs. Whether you have bad credit, need subprime financing, or prefer a no downpayment car option, we have tailored loan programs designed to meet your needs.


At 800BadCredit.com, we pride ourselves on providing loans for poor credit with a hassle-free process. We make it easy for you to get approved now, taking the first step towards your next chapter.


Don’t let bad credit hold you back from owning a reliable used car. Trust us to help you find the perfect vehicle, even if you have had difficulty getting approved elsewhere. Start your journey to financial stability and get behind the wheel of the used car you deserve. Choose 800BadCredit.com today.