Beginning With the End in Mind

Living with challenged credit isn’t easy, and if you’re in the market for a vehicle you certainly don’t want a dealer needlessly exploiting your situation when all you’re trying to do is just find the right vehicle.

Most dealers make buying a vehicle laborious and intimidating because they place more of an emphasis on the process (making you jump through hoops) than they do selecting the right car.

Our process begins and ends with the vehicle, because long after you’ve signed the documents, the car you’re driving is not only a vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B, but also a vehicle to a brighter future and a better credit score.

All of the lenders we work with report to at least one credit bureau, and most lenders report to all three. So, whether you start our crawling or walking, our relationship selling process lays the foundation for reestablishing your credit so that one day you can “Run” if you want to.

In addition to getting a great vehicle and a pathway to restoring your credit, you also receive a complimentary first oil change, competitive serving pricing, discounts on future oil changes, and included with many vehicles you also receive a limited warranty or optional service agreement for your vehicle.

If that isn’t enough, each vehicle comes with ELO GPS with Real-Time location, CarRx Health Scan, and Theft Protection. NitroFill Nitrogen compound, including tire repair/replacement, 24 hour emergency towing, 24 hour emergency roadside assistance and lockout service if your keys are lost, broken or if you car accidentally locked our of your vehicle.

Our Auto Loan Application Process

It only takes about a minute to complete and submit our online auto loan application. The application is free, and once submitted you are under no obligations to proceed.

Based on the information you provide; your application is securely delivered to the 800 Bad Credit loan specialist who will directly assist you finding the right vehicle in your budget. That’s right, at 800 Bad Credit we put the emphasis on find the right vehicle before we match you up with a lender.

It’s as simple as finding a car you can see yourself driving, falling in love with it, and leaving the rest to us. We roll our sleeves up and go to work for you and make it happen, it’s that simple.

Go ahead… Fill out our online application form and submit.It’s that simple.